Company Culture; Are you fully engaged at work?

Published on 04-06-2015

Let me introduce myself. My name is Bryan, I’m Icelandic/American and moved to Holland 5 years ago and have been lucky to get to travel around the world and work with many different companies. And the more I travel and the more people I meet, the more I realise how important culture is. Let me show you why.



I met Bjorn Veenstra at the Uprise Startup Festival in Amsterdam and I learned about his mission to help companies and employees that are looking for a cultural fit.

I said right away “How can I help?” Why? Because for the last few years I have been passionately pursuing my dream of creating a new world. Where people jump out of their beds on Monday mornings because they love the work they are doing, the people they are doing it with and are in an environment that supports them reaching their goals.

I personally believe that if you find a problem in the world, the best way to fix that is to create a company (of people) that also wants to work on solving those issues and that is how we make the world a better place. But I realise that not everyone that sees a problem wants to solve it in the same way, with the same style, with the same energy…and that is when it can get down right frustrating and the passion that many people have disappears. That often results in that people think that they have chosen the wrong career, when it might (simply) be that they are in the wrong environment for them.

And no, it is not about the foosball table…its way bigger then that!

One of the scariest statistics that I have come across since I started this mission is that only 13% of people are engaged at work. That is over 70% that are not passionate about their work.

And here is the worst part. The research showed, that 24% of people are “actively disengaged” and that often results in them acting out and even (un)consciously sabotaging the work that the few people that are passionately at work are doing.

If that doesn’t scare you, then maybe you have to think about what that really means.

That means that most people are spending most of their time not being fully motivated to solve the problems that companies (of people) are doing to make the world a better place. Hence the world doesn’t become better and we live in a world that should be better then it is, with people that don’t reach their fullest potential and we die full of gifts that we could have used.

So that is why I got excited when I heard of what CompanyMatch is doing. Helping the right people get into the right places so they can make the most impact and enjoy it while they are doing it.

Now that mission makes me 100% engaged at work.

Please share with me your experiences about your Company Culture, good and bad, to inspire us. And if your also on a mission lets team up, Together Everyone Achieves More.

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