CompanyMatch Agenda 2018

Published on 30-01-2018

2018 is going to be a busy year for the CompanyMatch team. Starting with partner trips to Austria and the UK up to HR fairs, keynotes and Barcamps all across Europe – our agenda is already full of exciting events! Our interactive agenda will provide you with the information where and when to find CompanyMatch in 2018. We are looking forward to meet you!

Our yearly agenda provides you with an overview of all events we are planning on attending. We will keep the page updated with new details and event confirmations. So, make sure to save the page!

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March, 6

NewWork Experience in Hamburg (DE)

June, 7

Recruitment Tech Demo_Day in Utrecht (NL)

March, 13 & 14

Keynote at TAtechEurope in Dublin (IRL)

April, 12 & 13

Corporate Culture Camp in Hamburg (DE)

 Sep, 11 – 13

Zukunft Personal in Cologne (DE)

January, 18 & 19

Partner trip to Austria

May, 17

HR Failure Night in Vienna (AUS)

 February, 21

Video interview RecruitmentTech (NL)


March, 22

HR Magazine Employer Branding seminar in Brussels (BEL)

 May, 23

Webinar: Referral Programs

Sep, 20 & 21

HR Barcamp Vienna (AUS)

November, 22

RecruitmentTech in Utrecht (NL)

 April, 25 – 27

World Employer Branding Day in Prague (CZE)

 May, 24 & 25

TNW in Amsterdam (NL)

January, 31

Partner trip to London (UK)

New Work Hamburg

On the 6th of March, CompanyMatch will participate at the New Work Experience in the new Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. The event is Germany’s biggest conference about the future of the working world. In times of fast digitalisation, the New Work Experience provides its guests not only with many interesting keynotes on the big stage but also possibilities to exchange thoughts about the development of the world of employment.
We are looking forward to a day full of interesting talks in an unique environment!

Keynote about Optimizing Candidate Fit at TAtechEurope 2018

The Association for Talent Acquisition Technology, TAtechEurope is a unique forum specifically designed for the CEOs of recruitment technology companies and their direct reports. It provides unmatched opportunities for networking, B2B partnership and business discussions, and the exploration of trending ideas and developments.
CompanyMatch is going to hold a keynote about our sweet spot, the optimisation of candidate fit, during this inspiring event.

Corporate Culture Camp Hamburg

One of the highlights of 2018 is the Corporate Culture Camp in Hamburg from the 12th until the 13th of April. For the fourth time in a row, CompanyMatch will actively participate and share our knowledge about cultural fit and company culture. Also this year, we are looking forward challenging discussions with recruiter, scientists and other participants as well as deeper insights into current trends and developments.

corporate culture camp Hamburg

World Employer Branding Day in Prag

CompanyMatch is going to attend the World Employer Branding Day from April 25 to 27 in Prague. It is the world’s largest gathering of leaders in employer branding in the one place at the same time. The event connects companies from all over the world with the industry’s top employer branding leaders, agencies and communities with the vision of improving your employer brand excellence. Senior leaders and their teams from many of the world’s top companies attend including Global 500 companies Microsoft, Disney, Volkswagen, BP & Vodafone Group. The CompanyMatch team is very excited to discuss current employer brand trends and best practices with experts and leaders of the field. More information will follow soon on our blog.

HRFailure Night in Vienna and Munich

The HR Failure Night was one of our personal highlights in 2017. That is why we will participate in not only one but two HR Failure Nights this year. The first one will take place on the 17th of May in Vienna and the second one in October in Munich. CompanyMatch is proud to be one of the partners of the event in Vienna. At the HR Failure Night, as the name states, best practices or successful campaigns do not matter. The opposite is the case! The big mistakes and failures are in the spotlight. After all, it is well known that mistakes teach us the greatest lessons! We will provide you with more information about the event soon on our blog.

DEMO day

On the 7th of June the Demo_Day in Utrecht, the Netherlands, goes into the second round. At this event, we will discuss trends and developments in the area of recruitment with Dutch experts as well as attend to presentations about the newest technology on the market.

Zukunft Personal

For a third time in a row, CompanyMatch will attend to the Zukunft Personal, the biggest fair for employee management in Europe, in Cologne. We are looking forward to three days, Sept 11-13, of insightful exchange about innovations and trends as well as interesting presentation revolving around the topics of recruitment, company culture and cultural fit. Our short clip will give you some further insight:

HR Barcamp in Vienna

It’s the year of returns! CompanyMatch will also attend the HR Barcamp in Vienna, September 20-21, for the third time in a row. The open conference is known for its flexible agenda. The Barcamp consists out of different workshops, which are chosen by the participants themselves in the beginning of the event. Every attendant can hereby present his or her own subject, hoping to get selected for one of the fiercely contested session slots. The topics revolve around everything relevant in the area of recruiting and HR. We are looking forward to this exciting and educational event!

CompanyMatch is also planning on attending the HR Barcamp in Munich. Further details and dates will shortly be published in our agenda.

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