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Published on 25-04-2019

It’s time for The Next Web 2019! The biggest Tech Festival in Europe and the place to be for tech enthusiasts, marketers, startups, companies and professional talent. Naturally, CompanyMatch will be present at The Next Web Conference (TNW) once more. Don’t hesitate to pop by, visit our booth and meet the team!

During this huge two-day conference, over 350 speakers will talk about a great variety of tech-related topics, among them none other than André Kuipers, the first Dutch astronaut to have two space missions to his name, Chris Slowe, CTO of Reddit, and opening keynote speaker Guy Kawasaki, author of ‘Wise Guy’.

Technology and the End of the Future

We seem to be at a crossroads when it comes to the future of tech. Advancements in fields like artificial intelligence raise dangers we need to collectively address as a society, before it’s too late. Will we embrace tech for better or for worse?

This is the 2019 theme and a topic that James Bridle, multimedia artist, best-selling author and speaker at TNW will discuss in his talk “Technology and the End of the Future”.

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Next to hundreds of speakers and plenty of booths, visitors can participate in a lot of interesting activities. There are workshops on, for example, blockchain strategy, UX design, and on how Humour Makes Businesses Better.

On Friday you can join a Global Entrepreneurship Summit, explore the Art of Tech by tackling the question “How will our creativity evolve over the coming years?” or explore the future, real-world applications of AI and neural science at the Machine Learners track.


Those of you who are interested in tech and politics can join The Assembly, where “we bring together the greatest architects of technology, global captains of industry, and key policy-makers to shape the future together.” You can request an invite here.

And much much more

Or how about finding out who the 2019 T500 (the 500 best under 26s working in technology) are. If you feel more like jumping into the frey yourself and are looking for a new job challenge, you can sign up for the House of Talent, where 400 digital minds get to meet 20 leading digital companies to find out if you click. Don’t forget to check if their company culture fits you before accepting a job offer!

Visit CompanyMatch at The Next Web 2019

Technology is changing the way we do business. The HR and Recruiting industry is also experiencing a shift towards a more technological approach regarding recruiting and retaining talent. This is where we come in.

At CompanyMatch we believe that people are at their best when they feel happy at work. This means that not only is it important that a job candidate matches the requirements of the job description, but also that the company culture of the employer matches the values and expectations of the job seeker. From Job Fit, to Company Fit in short.

We don’t stand alone in this. 85% of all job seekers search for more information on a company and its culture, before deciding to apply for a job. With our innovative matching technology we help people to find the company culture they’ll love.

And as we all know, a happy employee leads to a happy employer. In addition to the improved quality of hire, candidates that fit within the employer’s company culture have a higher chance of converting and, once hired, tend to stay longer with the company.

As technical innovators and thought leaders on Cultural Fit, we’re looking forward to connect with you and to share our knowledge and passion on the subject.

Don’t miss out and join us at The Next Web Conference!
When? May 9 & 10 | Where? NDSM, Amsterdam Noord | Booth: Scale Up Area

Are you an employer and would you already like to learn more about our services? You can find more information here. We’re also always happy to explain more about CompanyMatch in person, just request a demo and we’ll tell you all about it!

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