CompanyMatch is nominated for the Accenture Innovation Award 2016

Published on 14-07-2016

We are proud to announce that CompanyMatch is nominated for the Accenture Award 2016, selected in the category “Skills to Succeed”. We would be grateful if you could give your vote for CompanyMatch in order to enhance our chance to win the audience award. The Accenture Innovation Award is conferred each year by the business consultancy Accenture. Nominated are the most innovative and promising concepts of Dutch start up companies in 11 different categories. CompanyMatch was selected in one of these categories and that makes us very proud! We received an invitation by Accenture which informed us about the nomination and thereby we got the possibility to register for the event directly. The category “Skills to Succeed” focusses on innovations which contribute to the identification and support of talents.

The CompanyMatch Concept
As the European market leader with regards to the principle of cultural fit which contributes to a strong corporate culture, we believe at CompanyMatch that you can become happier and perform better in an organisation that fits you. Based on various factors, we assess the compatibility of applicant and employer and thereby offer job seekers the possibility to send their match together with their application to the company. Through this procedure, employers and job seekers get to know each other on a deeper level, which facilitates the application process and improves the recruitment experience.

Nomination in the category “Skills to Succeed”
“It is gratifying to see that CompanyMatch was suggested for being one of the most innovative concepts”, says Bjorn Veenstra, CEO of CompanyMatch. “The nomination offers us the opportunity to show other businesses what we strive to achieve and draw people’s attention to our mission: the matching of employer and job seeker regarding their values and motivations during the online orientation process. We call the outcome of this procedure “match”, which is determined by considering the principle of cultural fit. CompanyMatch is a convincing HR tech innovation. The product, which we offer successfully to companies like e.g. Deloitte, Siemens Deutschland, Philips, ManpowerGroup Deutschland,, Sky Deutschland and Randstad Germany, did not exist before and the demand of employers and job seekers is increasing. Meanwhile, we count 350 clients which make use of Company Match’s services. They are situated in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and England. Even more important: more than 125.000 job seekers benefit from our matching technology, by using the CompanyMatch widget. A number which is continuously growing. We contribute to the progress of the HR and recruitment industry, through new technical innovations and applications”, explains Bjorn Veentra.

CompanyMatch: Hire for Cultural Fit
CompanyMatch has started as a pioneer a few years ago (during this time the company was still called Werken bij Merken) with the revolutionizing idea to match job seekers and employers in the period of orientation. It gives me enormous satisfaction when I speak to our clients and by receiving their feedback, improve our product and services even more. As a result, we introduced our matching values (the match of the candidates focusses on the core values of the company) and Match and Recruit (a detailed report for candidates who achieved a higher match than e.g. 80 %) in corporation with Eneco and Philips. Meanwhile, we have learnt a lot and we will make sure that our experience and our growing database will be used to develop our services. I recognized that the HR and recruitment industry is growing fastly and becomes more professional. This can be compared with the marketing industry. Therefore my professional background in marketing and communication fits very well. Furthermore, the recent online initiatives in HR and recruitment are dominating the market. This combination lead to a significant progress in this area. This is of course also beneficial for CompanyMatch. We started on this adventure, which can be compared with a captivating book. We are probably in chapter 5 at the moment but most certainly there will be dozens of chapters following until we will fully have optimized the online matching system and, by using our matching data, publishing interesting facts and figures. We already plan to publish a study about the 10 most popular employers in the Netherlands, says Bjorn Veenstra.

CompanyMatch is continuously growing
CompanyMatch is already operating in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and England. Small and large businesses, like Eneco, Essent (RWE), Philips, Randstad, Siemens, HRS, Stad Antwerpen, ABN AMRO, Lidl, Baloise, Schoenen/Torfs, ManpowerGroup and Sky use CompanyMatch to improve their recruitment experience. But of course our goal is to reach further European companies and job seekers with CompanyMatch in order to offer them the possibility to match themselves with companies on the job market, including the extended functions of our CompanyMatch services . Our mission is to make sure that as many employees as possible feel comfortable at their workplace, because there is no place where we spend more time than at the office.

The blue tulip: the audience award
CompanyMatch has a chance to win the blue tulip (the audience award), but to increase this chance we would like to ask you to vote for CompanyMatch. Support our mission and vote here for the Accenture Award 2016. You can cast three votes on the three different social media channels Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Thank you very much in advance!

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