CompanyMatch Onboarding Survey 2017

Published on 03-08-2017

Summer has arrived and therefore many people are either on vacation or about to go. CompanyMatch would like to use that spare time to conduct some research into onboarding processes and to what extent company culture is considered in that very important stage of recruitment.

By taking the survey, you will be able to benefit as we share all results with you.

The survey helps CompanyMatch to understand how companies in Europe approach the topic of onboarding and include the company culture in this crucial stage of recruitment.

The survey covers questions on pre-onboarding, utilisation of onboarding technologies as well as social integration of new hires. The survey will take about 3-4 minutes to complete.

Please find the survey below and more information on where to find the results.

CompanyMatch Onboarding Survey 2017

Thank you!

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