CompanyMatch demo video

Published on 11-08-2016

We proudly present our new introduction video. The video introduces our product and provides you with insights on how to improve quality of hire in your online recruitment process and how the CompanyMatch tool can be used by employers and job seekers. Enjoy watching it! Click here for the Dutch version or the German version.

‘In recent years ways of attracting and recruiting key employees has significantly changed. Over 80% of the online job seekers place high importance on finding an employer that best fits their own personality. With millions of talents out there, it is easy to assess a candidate’s experience & education. But how can you ultimately determine if they really fit in with your company?

We strongly believe that employees are at their best, happiest and most productive when working for a company with a strong cultural fit. CompanyMatch enables candidates to find out which corporate really matches their personal preferences. Smart, Easy and Fun.
Based on several themes, CompanyMatch provides both employers and job seekers with rich match details about their individual cultural fit. With CompanyMatch companies can improve their recruitment experience, increase the quality of hire and minimise costs of hiring the wrong person without a cultural match.

The CompanyMatch match technology is easily integrated into your online recruitment channels with the CompanyMatch widget.

With one click, candidates intuitively fill in the CompanyMatch Scan based on their personal values, drivers and motivators and can discover their match with your employer brand.

Are you ready to take the next step? Add cultural fit to your online recruitment process today and join hundreds of other employers. Let’s hire for cultural fit!’

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