CompanyMatch reveals first results on Match & Recruit at The Next Web Conference Europe

Published on 24-04-2014

Eneco has been a customer of CompanyMatch for two years now and recently started to use also Match & Recruit. Online job-seekers with a match rating of above 75% will now directly get to see a personalized message. The goal is to reward visitors with a high match rating and to convert these ratings into more viewed vacancies and actual job applications.

  • Client: Eneco Group
  • Industry: Energy
  • People employed: 7.000
  • Products: CompanyMatch annual subscription + Match & Recruit
  • Measurement time: 5 months

“A job at Eneco isn’t just a job. Our mission – sustainable energy for everyone – is a tough ambition. The drive to participate in achieving this mission is essential for working at Eneco. CompanyMatch helps us to do so and provides us with a guideline for conversations with potential candidates about organizational culture, values and sustainability”, says Hanneke van der Heijden, Manager of Labor Market Communication.

Results measured over a period of 5 months

  1. 700 online job-seekers matched themselves with Eneco to find out their cultural fit
  2. 350 online job-seekers had a match rating of above 75%
  3. 99 online job-seekers with a match rating of above 75% applied directly!
  4. 7,3% conversion from match to application!
  5. 19,93% more pageviews via the users of the CompanyMatch widget
  6. 26,09% more completed applications compared to average via the users of the CompanyMatch widget

For more information, please contact: Bjorn Veenstra @bjornveenstra

Or visit us at our booth CompanyMatch, day 1, TNW conference Europe

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