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Published on 16-03-2017

Motivated employees. Stability. Steady growth.

A strong and inspiring corporate culture offers all of that and even more. But what exactly are the drivers and key components creating a thriving and successful cultural environment? Luckily, many companies publish their brand profile or corporate personality in so called ‘culture decks’ which gives you a great insight into their corporate culture and core values. The website recently published an inspirational list of cultural decks from 41 technology companies from all over the world. Today we would like to showcase three of those companies.

Get inspired!

Founded in 2006 the Swedish music streaming service, founded is used by over 100 million people worldwide. According to Spotify, every action is based on “culture”. Although, we are not just talking about the Spotify’s corporate culture itself but also about the cultural background of every single employee. Spotify expects their employees to be aware of their own cultural strengths and weaknesses and steadily improve, transform, and, most importantly, live and breathe it in a way that is beneficial to themselves and the company.

If vision is where you are going, culture is what makes sure you can get there.
The core values of Spotify summarise their culture very well:
Stuff gets done.
It gets done well.
People are happy.
Leaders provide direction and guidance and GET OUT OF THE WAY.
Success is celebrated.
Failure is used as a way to learn.

Founded in 2008 Canadian company Hootsuite  developed a platform which offers the possibility to manage several social media accounts at the same time and has already attracted more than 10 million active users globally.

According to Hootsuite the main reason for their quick success and steady growth is their internal culture which not only provides the company with stability but also supports the internal satisfaction and a strong team spirit among Hootsuite’s employees.

A rather unconventional but successful part of their culture revolves around the use of the hashtag #BSU which refers to their internal motto “Blow Sh*t Up”. This motto represents the ambitious and motivational work atmosphere where employees always strive for the best possible results and never accept limitations.

The platform HubSpot was established in 2006 and specialises in the new “Inbound Marketing” trend which focuses on customised content to foster a closer relationship between customers and companies. HubSpot’s mission is to guide companies through the process of converting their classical marketing tactics into an inbound marketing orientated approach.

According to founder Dramesh Shan HubSpot’s corporate culture is of course at the heart of this and not only attracts talented employees but also motivates them to deliver the best possible job. All employees, referred to as HubSpotters, are asked to not only put their abilities but also their full heart into their work so it becomes more than just a way to pay the bills.
The HubSpot motto perfectly sums up this approach: “Life is short, make it matter”.

If you are interested in finding out more about successful corporate cultures you can have a look at the whole list of culture decks hereThis article was freely translated from and inspired by the following source: ‘Dit is de bedrijfscultuur van Netflix, Zappos en 39 andere (tech)bedrijven‘.

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