Gerrit Brouwer joins board of CompanyMatch as Chief Growth Officer

Published on 19-10-2020

Utrecht – CompanyMatch, a recruitment technology provider and market leader in assessing Company Fit welcomes Gerrit Brouwer to its board. As from the 1st of November 2020 Gerrit will take the lead in the board as Chief Growth Officer.

Gerrit is a familiar face within the HR & Recruitment eco-system and has extensive growth experience in the EU and global recruitment technology industry. Together with David van Driel (CTO), Bjorn Veenstra (founder / CEO) and the rest of the CompanyMatch team Gerrit will oversee the further growth and expansion of CompanyMatch into the EU and overseas markets.

CompanyMatch and Gerrit are no strangers to each other since Gerrit joined the Advisory Board of CompanyMatch in 2019. Together with MSc Matthijs van Etten and Dr. Christopher Richter he was already involved in the exploration of further growth potential of CompanyMatch and their ambition to become the #NR1 pre-hiring assessment provider on the topic of Company Fit to empower hiring success for employers and recruitment industry partners.

A very warm welcome to Gerrit! We are looking forward to working with Gerrit pulling up our sleeves together to execute on our vision and our growth strategy towards 2023. With 800 employers who already make use of CompanyMatch in the EU and partnerships with leading recruitment industry partners, like: job sites, b-to-c media, ATS, temp- and recruitment agencies our pre-hiring assessment technology is ready for the next step into our journey. What I have learned from my entrepreneurial past is that hiring great people implies that both job fit and company fit are equally weighted in successfully growing your business! It’s great to see how Gerrit’s match with the rest of the team has evolved from his advisory board role to our Chief of Growth.” Bjorn Veenstra – founder CompanyMatch.

Gerrit – “I am super excited to join the founders team of CompanyMatch as Chief of Growth. From my role in the Advisory board I already had the opportunity to work together with the amazing team the last year and a half on a strategic level. I have seen that they truly live up to their promise to help recruiters make better hiring decisions with the use of the pre-hire assessment of CompanyMatch in the candidate journey. CompanyMatch has a unique validated and data driven recruitment technology stack and a true innovation culture that is ready for the next step of growth. We are privileged to deliver great value to our customer base and recruitment partners. CompanyMatch makes use of both SAAS (employers) and a License model (recruitment industry partners) which also makes it easier for us to scale and sustainably grow our business into the future.

We find ourselves in a huge and upcoming growth market as more and more organisations are refining their hiring processes and do require a solution that helps them in making the right hiring decisions remotely. On the other side, the consequence following the global pandemic, like working from home, means that the company culture will be impacted, as we are working differently than ever before. It’s a multi billion market that will steadily grow the upcoming years. CompanyMatch is helping organizations in (re)defining their culture and ensuring that potential candidates find a company culture that does match their personality, needs and preferences.  With my experience in building and scaling one of the most successful employee onboarding platforms in the world (Appical), I have learned how important company culture is in a scale up environment and in employee onboarding in general.

I see the clear potential CompanyMatch has to help employers across Europe and overseas as Culture is and always will be the critical success factor for talent attraction and talent retention. Together with the talented and highly motivated team, led by Bjorn Veenstra, we are going to make culture fit the standard in hiring. I am looking forward to working together once again with a lot of friends and colleagues in the HR and Recruitment industry.  If you are interested to learn more on this important topic, feel free to (re)connect or follow us on Linkedin.

As a conversation starter I would like to invite you to download our ePaper and find out everything you need to know on CompanyFit.”

Pre-Hire Qualification by CompanyMatch

The Pre-Hiring test of CompanyMatch maps out the characteristics of company cultures and preferences of jobseekers and enables you to automatically identify the values, believes and drivers of a job seeker and convert those into a valid pre-hire match report with your company.

CompanyMatch is proud to serve 800 employers and hundreds of thousands jobseekers in their mutual search of the perfect company match. Clients and Partners of CompanyMatch are: Vodafone, AXA, ABN AMRO, Aegon, Telenet, TVH, AmsterdamUMC, ErasmusMC, UMC Utrecht, Lidl, Carrefour, eRecruiter, SoftGarden, SmartRecruiters, De Persgroep, Wit-Gele-Kruis Oost Vlaanderen, Luba, BrightPlus, Roularta Media Groep, Baloise Insurance, Argenta, NN Group, Randstad, The team of CompanyMatch operates from our home offices and two office locations in NL (Utrecht) and DE (Cologne).

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