Match & Recruit : Business Case Eneco

Published on 19-07-2016

Eneco (a Dutch energy company employing 7000 staff members) uses the different applications offered by CompanyMatch. This business case refers to the results Eneco obtained through the “Match & Recruit” functionality which is offered by CompanyMatch. Match & Recruit enables companies to engage with  job seekers with a high match percentage by sending them a personal message. The employer sets the minimum match percentage required to receive such a personalised message, the aim being to establish a direct and personal interaction with job seekers and ideally convert them into relevant successful applicants.

  1. Time Period: 5 Months
  2. 4000 job seekers used the CompanyMatch widget to match with Eneco
  3. 2700 of those job seekers filled out the CompanyMatch scan on the Eneco career website
  4. 1350 job seekers had a match of 75% or higher
  5. 26% more completed applications compared to the average on other platforms such as job boards

With a conversion rate of 7,3%, from an anonymous match to a direct application, Eneco shows the advantages of connecting job seekers and employers based on their cultural fit.


“A job at Eneco is not just a job. Our ambitious goal is to provide sustainable energy for everyone. Drive and motivation to contribute towards that goal is essential for us. CompanyMatch helps us in reaching our goal. The matching process allows us to have an ongoing dialog with our applicants about our corporate culture, core values and sustainability.” says one of Eneco’s HR specialists.

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