Please welcome our new CompanyMatch team members!

Published on 26-03-2019

Our CompanyMatch team is growing! We are excited to introduce our newest colleagues: Anne van Pul, Jay van Impelen and Jelena Scheltema.

About Anne van Pul

Anne van Pul

Anne joined CompanyMatch on January 28th as a Graduation Intern. Coming from the south of the Netherlands, she decided it’s time to go to the big city (but not too big): Utrecht, where she’s working on her Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management.

As our intern, Anne, endeavors to research everything related to company culture. Doing this will not only earn her a bachelor’s degree very soon, but will also develop valuable new insights for CompanyMatch.

She works out pretty much every day, but still takes the bus to work.

I think it’s amazing that CompanyMatch created such a short scan with such an important outcome. As someone said to me it makes you think about in what kind of organisation do I fit, instead of what job do I want.                            – Anne van Pul

About Jay van Impelen

Jay has joined CompanyMatch on February 25th as our first in-house developer. Before that, he worked for us at YellowMind for a year and now he is very enthusiastic to continue his work on the website at our own office.

Jay is a very sporty person and used to be a competitive powerlifter in the past. His personal best is a 340 kilo deadlift. He likes to cook a nice meal for his family and is well known for his apple pie and cheesecake. A while ago he found out about the Wim Hof Method. He has been taking cold showers ever since and is preparing for his first ice bath.

I love working at CompanyMatch. Not only do I believe in the product being great for people applying at the right company, but my colleagues are all really nice and easy going people. – Jay van Impelen

About Jelena Scheltema

Jelena started as Senior Content Marketeer on the 18th of March. She mostly grew up in Groningen and spent some years in Germany, before returning to the low lands and working at for 4 years. Now, she’s eager to continue and grow our content marketing to new levels.

Next to working, Jelena loves drawing, playing tennis and spending time with her family and friends. Playing the drums and snowboarding are also passions she likes to pick up again when she has the time.

Once I read what CompanyMatch was all about, I was really enthusiastic. In the past I’ve experienced company cultures that fit me like a glove and those that felt a bit pinched, to be honest. I’m really glad that working for CompanyMatch I’ll be able to help potential employees and employers find the right match and indirectly create more happiness at work… while being happy at work myself! – Jelena Scheltema

About CompanyMatch

CompanyMatch is an HR-tech company serving over 500 companies in Europe. Cultural Fit is rapidly gaining popularity in the resourcing industry, not only a topic of conversation among HR professionals, but also a tangible trusted replacement for what was known as the gut feel factor in hiring. In a world full of talented professionals it was relatively easy for recruiters to find a good match based on qualifications and experiences. The missing link in that process would be whether the applicant is actually a Cultural Fit for the company. Since 85% of all job seekers are looking for information on corporate culture, motives, and values of the organizations involved during their online orientation process, these are the most important factors for a candidate when considering a new employer. CompanyMatch matches and converts talent using an intelligent algorithm based on Cultural Fit.

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