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Published on 15-06-2015

As of today candidates are able to complete the online application form with their personal CompanyMatch based on Cultural Fit. Besides your CV and the letter of motivation, you can attach your personal match when applying for a job vacancy. This way you can show your potential new employer that you are also valuing the personal ‘click’ between you and the organization. 

It is the CompanyMatch scan, that finds the answer to the question of how well a candidate as a person fits to the company. Have you achieved a high match percentage with an employer? Attach it to your application and make it stand out! Additionally, recruiters will be able to get a complete picture of you as a candidate. Contrary to traditional patterns of recruitment, this also includes your cultural fit next to your work experience.


Discover how it works in this short video:



Bjorn Luijters (Recruitment Marketing Specialist at RWE) about using CompanyMatch:


My experience has taught me that the cultural fit is just as important as work experiences and knowledge. So why should that be different for job applications? That is why, we at Essent have fully incorporated CompanyMatch in our labour market communication. Embedded into our career site and from now on also integrated in our ATS Connexys, we enable our candidates to discover their personal CompanyMatch with Essent along their way from orientation up to the application. In this way, CompanyMatch becomes a vital part in our online application process. Thus, CompanyMatch positively contributes to the ‘candidate journey’  with the aim to achieve better matches between the applicants and Essent.”


But Essent is not the only company adding the cultural fit to their online recruitment process. At this moment around 50 companies have incorporated the CompanyMatch widget into their career site, such as Philips, Eneco, KPMG, Randstad, ErasmusMC. Candidates are actively using CompanyMatch and are independently attaching their personal match as a PDF or link to their CV or letter of motivation. With the automatic integration into the online application form of organizations we make it easier for applicants to send along their CompanyMatch. In the case of Essent, the company is making use of Connexys as their recruitment software. From an early stage onwards, Connexys and CompanyMatch have been working closely together and are now happy to provide the API (automatic connection with the application form) for all of their clients. Talentsoft (People XS) will follow shortly.


Do you also want to start with CompanyMatch?

Join now and allow users to experience your Employer Brand interactively with CompanyMatch. It works simple, the registration is for free and you can directly discover the many possibilities to match the best candidates with your organization. The CompanyMatch widget is easily integrated into your career site, individual job vacancies or as a tab on your facebook page and candidates can start matching directly with your company.


About CompanyMatch

At CompanyMatch we strongly belief that employees are at their best, happiest and most productive when working for a company that best matches their personal values. CompanyMatch identifies and characterises employers based on their corporate culture.


In the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, CompanyMatch is already actively matching job seekers with great employers. Furthermore, candidates can discover interesting employers, learn more about themselves and attach their personal match to their application. At this moment, CompanyMatch is working together with over 250 companies including, amongst others, Rabobank Netherlands, Deloitte, Randstad Netherlands, Carglass, Henkel, KPMG, Lidl, ASML and Philips and is available in Dutch, German, French and English.

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