Thank you! 2015 at a glance

Published on 18-12-2015

2015 has been a really good year for CompanyMatch. First I want to address the CompanyMatch team. Jil, Kelly, Kai, David, Luc, Vincent, Lars, Stan, Bryan… you all did a great job! We have been able to execute on our 2015 strategy by implementing new features and improving our overall performance.

But what energizes me the most is to see that on top of that we have been able to create new opportunities, partnerships and some great new ideas which occurred during the year. Thank you for this team-effort! Which as a result let to our >100% growth in 2015…! Second: a huge -thank you- to all our new and existing clients who joined our quest in cracking the code of Cultural Fit. It has been an amazing year helping all of you.


On behalf of the CompanyMatch team I wish you all great health and happiness, let’s stick together! CompanyMatch will adopt a school by donating a contribution to the CodeHour Foundation. This initiative teaches children to code in elementary school.


Check out the 2015 highlights below.



  • Growing our team and skills (we’re hiring!)

Building and growing our business comes down to two core things:

  1. building the team
  2. and: keep it simple stupid (KISS)

Getting the team into flow is one of the most rewarding things to see. At the same time building the team is one of the most challenging aspects of running and growing your business. For that matter: Team equals Growth. When you take a look at our team I see that we represent different personalities with some shared characteristics, like: self starters with an entrepreneurial state of mind, sensitive, people orientated, getting things done & better, no-nonsense, specialized and all focussed on results by adding value to our core processes (sales, development, support, administration, partnerships).


Actually: we’re hiring, we have a sales position (NL) to offer. So if you want to be part of our team in this new HRtech era addressing Cultural Fit and helping companies to #hireforculturalfit…. drop me a line. No need to say that you have the network and experience to service and sell from day one. As said before: we are self starters, who like to get things done. It’s up to you, so don’t ask me what to do! Tell us what we should do and we back you up.

  • First multiple country contracts

Since CompanyMatch is available in NL, DE, FR and EN we started to sign up our first multiple country contracts for our international operating clients.

  • Winning our first RFP’s

We won our first RFP’s (request for proposals) with a 100% score.

  • New partnerships

We fully integrated with Connexys (the leading recruitment software company in the Netherlands). We integrated our api with PeopleXS (Talentsoft) via Netwerven at Eneco. And we just started to partner up with companies like: PeopleFluent, Lumesse, Smart Recruiters, Bullhorn.

  • From Orientation to Application

In 2015 we closed the loop for the jobseeker. Via our CompanyMatch widget in the career site of the involved employer the jobseeker is able to find his full company match. Via our CompanyMatch API we connect with the recruitment software of the involved employer. So the jobseeker is now able to share his personal CompanyMatch via the application form.

  • Match data

We discovered that we have another interesting proposition to offer to our clients. On average 95% of the people who come to visit the career page of an employer will also leave the career site anonymously. Meaning you have no idea who these people are! How does their professional profile look like? You don’t get an answer to that by looking at your Google Analytics. Based on the people who matched your company via our CompanyMatch widget we show you representative and real time match data like Educational level, Industry and Functional area.

  • New clients in multiple countries

2015 has been the year where we officially signed up new clients in all countries: UK, DE, BE and NL.

  • What to expect for 2016

We will continue to focus on building our team and we will introduce some great new features in 2016.

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