TNW Conference in Amsterdam – Follow us around!

Published on 17-05-2017

Being selected for the Scale programme the CompanyMatch team will attend the TNW Conference on May 18 and 19 in Amsterdam. With over 12,500 visitors The Next Web Conference is Europe’s biggest Tech Festival. The best part of it? You can experience the event through our eyes – or more precisely our Snapchat spectacles!

TNW Conference

TNW Conference about themselves and the Scale programme:
‘In May 2017, 12,500 entrepreneurs, developers, marketing managers, CEOs and policymakers are visiting Europe’s leading tech festival. Making the right connections at an event at this scale is key for doing business. This year our tech team went wild, building a whole new suite of tools for us to double down on networking, matchmaking, pre-scheduled meetings and the ability to introduce new intimate speaker formats. Nobody goes home empty-handed. Bringing together great content and great people in an incredible setting, injecting some custom-built networking technology, and topping it all off with an unrivalled feeling of intimacy is how we guarantee amazing business and an awesome time.’

‘Our Scale programme focusses on 50 late-stage startups that already have significant traction in the market.’

CompanyMatch at the TNW Conference:
‘Our team is tremendously proud to be in the spotlight at the biggest Tech Festival in Europe. In total 50 companies have been selected for the Scale programme and can showcase themselves to the international press, investors, companies and visitors. This past year we have grown our HRtech business significantly and expanded into new markets. Having started in the Netherlands we are now also active in Germany, Austria, Belgium and the UK and we have welcomed many employers as clients who value the CompanyMatch products immensely. Three years ago we made it into the Boost programme and now CompanyMatch is back at the Next Web Conference. I believe it is our reward for working tirelessly for the past 3 years to turn ambition into success. Not that we are done yet. Looking to the future our ambition is to become a HRtech market leader focussing on Hire for Cultural Fit tech solutions and services.’ – Bjorn Veenstra, founder and CEO of CompanyMatch.

Follow us around!
Almost just as exciting as being one of the selected few Start Ups participating in the Scale programme is the opportunity to experience the event with us! Snapchat’s Chief Strategy Officer Imran Khan brought 100 Snapchat Spectacles with him to the TNW Conference. Usually only available in the US, CompanyMatch was able to get hold of a pair and is going to provide you with first-hand insights of the conference! Also, after the tech festival we are planning on using the spectacles frequently so you can have a peek behind the scenes and find out what is happening at the CompanyMatch offices.

Let’s start “snapping”!

To start following CompanyMatch on Snapchat, simply scan the Snapchat code or search for ‘companymatch’.

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