Top 5 Podcast Episodes on Company Culture

Published on 09-11-2018

On the way to work, under the shower, while cooking – Podcasts are taking over our free time. And we love it! However, finding a good podcast can be quite a challenge. That’s why we put together a list of top podcast episodes on company culture for you. So, let’s talk leadership, growth, and culture.

Here at CompanyMatch, we are obsessed with everything that involves Cultural Fit, leadership,  employer branding, and company culture. And this passion doesn’t end when we leave the office – the opposite is the case! But how can podcasts help to improve your company culture? Here’s how:

  • They are a great way to gain industry knowledge
  • You can get insights into other people’s experiences
  • They provide you with examples of successful company cultures & employer brands

Podcasts have been extremely popular outside of Europe for a while now: According to recent statistics, more than 60% of South Koreans listen to at least one podcast per month. However, Europeans are slowly but steadily discovering the advantages of podcasts for them. We collected some of the best podcast episodes on company culture for you, to make the start a bit easier. Happy listening!

Company Culture and Leadership

Company culture and leadership go hand in hand as we discovered in our recent white paper. The episode The Insanity of Leadership of the Everybody Matters Podcast elaborates further on this relationship: How does truly human leadership drive a company culture to success and helps an organisation grow? Those topics and more are covered in this truly inspirational podcast episode.

Scaling Companies and Culture

Rapid growth can be quite a challenge for a organisation’s culture, especially for young start-ups. In this episode of the 16z Podcast, Ben Horowitz’s and Lars Dalgaard’s share their founder stories of SuccessFactors, one of the earlier software-as-a-service companies. Among other things, they discuss what factors should be considered for scaling a company while maintaining a strong culture.

Why not make some values that you can remember, that you’re proud to espouse that you want to tell everyone about? Your family, your friends, that when you look at those values, they mean something to you. – Lars Dalgaard

Lars and Ben also share their opinions on the ongoing ‘war for talent’, how to build extraordinary teams, and catching the ‘next big trend wave’ isn’t always the best strategy.

Embracing Culture Shock: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

Netflix is famous for its strong culture. In this Masters of Scale podcast, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings elaborates on how why defining and continuously shaping a culture is so important. Furthermore, he explains why employee engagement is so crucial:

We encourage employees to figure out how to improve the culture, not how to preserve it. – Reed Hastings

A truly helpful insight into the culture of one of the world’s most successful companies!


Here’s why Starbucks employees are much more than just baristas.

Starbucks: Howard Schultz on ‘inspire and nurture the human spirit’

How I Built This belongs to those podcasts that should be on avery HR professionals agenda. Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best known companies, featuring well-known entrepreneurs, visionaries and idealists. In this episode, Howard Schultz talks about how he transformed a regular cafe chain into a ubiquitous landmark, a “third place” between home and work. Tune in to listen to this incredible journey and learn how Starbucks never forgot about its employees.

The Corporate Culture Cleaner Podcast

Employees are a company’s biggest asset, especially when they are engaged. Josh Evans – aka the ‘Corporate Culture Cleaner’ – talks about how to develop a culture where your team is engaged, passionate, and enjoys their work. After all, studies have shown that when your employees are engaged, performance and motivation skyrockets. With a maximum episode length of 25 minutes, this podcast is perfect for in between. So no excuses!

What podcasts do you listen to about company culture? Let us know on Twitter!

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