Trend Report 2016/2017 – The Candidate Experience

Published on 06-07-2017

Did you ever ask yourself how your candidates experience the recruitment process? Or what exactly they expect from their future employer? CompanyMatch conducted an in-depth user survey covering topics such as the relevance of cultural fit, the key factors during the job search and the reasons for a job change. We have summarised the most important results of the CompanyMatch Trend Report 2016/2017 for you! 

Design and Methodology of the study

The study is based on the interviews of 586 CompanyMatch users, living in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. More specifically, 62% female and 38% male users, all belonging to different age and career categories.
The survey itself was conducted online and aimed to present a current picture of the changing demands of job seekers towards possible future employers. In the first two parts of the survey the participants were asked about their opinions and views on several aspects during the job search and application process. The third part focuses on the topic of the cultural fit as well as the matching technology of CompanyMatch.

Trend Report: What are Candidates looking for?

The global shortage of skilled workers is increasingly putting pressure on employers. Recent studies prove that a company’s culture is becoming more relevant to the business’ long-term success. The CompanyMatch study proves that job seekers are also looking for a positive cultural match with a future employer. Some of the key factors during the job search are work-life balance and Cultural Fit.  Especially millennials value a positive cultural match over financial compensation.

„Today and for the next decade, the human being as an employee will be at the centre of attention of every contemporary human resource management and less the resource it represents as it has been in the last years.“ Marcus K. Reif – Chief People Officer at Kienbaum Consultants

In terms of recruitment tools, 97% of the participants consider employee recommendation programs as important and meaningful in the recruitment process. In addition, culture tests have significantly gained in importance and are valued by 88% of respondents during the online orientation phase.
A quite surprising result is the main reason for a job change. Neither problems with the leadership style (8%) nor an inappropriate growth strategy (2%) make employees reconsider their position. However, nearly 60% of the participants indicated that they would leave an employer due to cultural conflicts.

The Candidates’ Viewpoint on Cultural Fit

The results of the survey underline the importance of the cultural fit for employees. The analysis shows that in the majority of industries the cultural fit between employer and employee strongly influences their employment relationship. In many cases, this can also be the decisive factor for a decision to leave the company.

We asked some participants about their views on ‘Cultural Fit’:

“Its one of the most important factors to ensure the optimum between the requirements of the job and the satisfaction of the employee.”

“I find it very important to work for a company where I feel at home and share the same cultural values and standards. In my opinion, I am more productive when I work in an environment where I feel most comfortable. More than (just) in a well paid job.”

How does the online matching technology of CompanyMatch optimise the cultural match in the recruitment process?

If you would like to know more about this topic or find out more about the results of our study you can download the full CompanyMatch Trend Report. Please do fill out the form below to download our Trend Report 2016/17 for free!

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