White paper Cultural Fit in Recruitment now available in English

Published on 13-04-2017

At CompanyMatch we spend a huge amount of time and energy on the cultural fit topic and its influence on the relationship between employee and employer. Cultural fit can undoubtedly have a very positive impact on the productivity and happiness of the workforce. We engage very regularly with our large network of HR professionals and experts to discuss corporate culture related topics to remain on top of the latest trends and developments. Sharing and communicating with our network is just as important which is why we are very proud to present our first white paper: Cultural Fit in Recruitment.

The white paper is backed up by many scientifically verified sources and gives in depth information about the importance and necessity of the cultural fit in the recruitment process and overall sourcing strategies. It also answers many questions about different aspects of the corporate culture topic such as diversity, employer branding and leadership. The white paper does not only show why it is so important to have a strong corporate culture, it also highlights the differences between theory and actual practical transition.

Did you know that a weak corporate culture can increase the chance of job changes by 48.4%? You will be able to read more such facts as well what other consequences a weak corporate culture might have on a company and its employees in the CompanyMatch Cultural Fit in Recruitment whitepaper. There is a lot of discussion about cultural fit and how it could affect diversity within a corporate environment hence we have included more information about how diversity and cultural fit sit together and can even be enhanced to the benefit of a corporate culture.

If you are looking to broaden your HR horizon and gain more in depth insight into cultural fit and how it could benefit your employer brand and sourcing strategies then please do fill out the form below to download the free Cultural Fit in Recruitment white paper.

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