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Published on 20-08-2015

Why does Cultural Fit Matter

As you are probably already aware of, Culture fit is the glue that holds an organisation together. And according to SHRM [Society for Human Resource Management], the result of poor culture fit due to turnover can cost an organisation between 50-60% of the person’s annual salary.

We believe that you are happier, perform better and will achieve more when you work for an organisation which suits you best.

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About CompanyMatch

CompanyMatch is an award winning company that is the market leader in the Netherlands and is already working with many of the companies on the Universum/Top Employer/”Great place to work” lists, such as Philips, KPMG, Rabobank and hundreds of others.

CompanyMatch technology identifies and characterises employers based on their corporate culture.

Some of the many reasons why the company has been so successful is because companies see real tangible results in their recruitment process:

  • Company culture gets addressed at the very beginning of the recruitment process resulting in lower churn of staff, saving you money and time.
  • Top Talent is more likely to apply when they see from the start how well they fit into the company and that the company cares about Company Culture.
  • With our widget and API the technology can be integrated into your websites, social media channels and ATS.
  • Our existing customers with the integrated widget in place achieved a conversion rate of 15-20% and thus increases the number of matched candidates.
  • You can get insights into who is potentially interested in your roles such as gender, career stage, branch, education level, country, language…

Example of how some of our clients are using our Match Technology:

  • Talent and Pro” and Ziggo have our widget on their front page to show all potential employees as well as clients that they care about company culture.
  • ABN AMRO has the widget on their Facebook page to engage their fans and reach a wider audience.

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‘Waarom denk je dat je goed bij ons past?’

Start today for free

For employers it takes on average 15 min and its free to register the company on our platform and we have a number of solutions that are improving recruitment website conversions and to find the exact fit for the Company Culture.


And employees use CompanyMatch to discover employers, learn more about yourself and to send your match along with your application.

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