World Employer Branding Day 2018

Published on 22-02-2018

Calling Employer Brand leaders from around the world. CompanyMatch is going to attend this year’s World Employer Branding Day from April 25 to 27 in Prague. It is the world’s largest gathering of leaders in employer branding in the one place at the same time.

The World Employer Branding Day connects companies from all over the world with the industry’s top employer branding leaders, communities and agencies. All with one main vision: Improving your employer brand! During this event, we can share our ideas but also discuss global best practices with leaders of the field. Attending companies include Microsoft, Google, Disney, Volkswagen and our client Vodafone.

Key Themes World Employer Branding Day

The field of employer branding is changing rapidly, at the moment. During the World Employer Branding Day, relevant topics such as AI in recruitment, leadership styles, Cultural Fit and candidate experience will be discussed in several workshops. The key themes of the event are the following:

  • Employer Branding Ecosystem Management: A systemic approach to employer branding that engages the right talent at the right time for the right function
  • Business Impact: Industry collaboration & relationships, measuring ROI & business impact
  • Integrated Brand Experience: Connecting candidate, employee and customer experience to build brand equity
  • Employer Brand Leadership Advantage: Key competencies, skills and experience required to succeed
  • Talent Mobility & Diversity: Leveraging pockets of talent excellence from all over the world

A more extensive list of main themes can be found on the event’s website.

Who attends?

As mentioned earlier, the event is connecting hundreds of employer branding leaders from all industries and levels. Especially this diversity is making the event so unique. Last year, nearly 400 leaders from more than 40 countries gathered in Budapest to discuss relevant topics. In 2018, even more are expected!
Many of the world’s leading companies will attend, including senior leaders from Global 500 companies including Exxon Mobil, AXA, BP, Volkswagen, J.P. Morgan Chase, Daimler, AXA, Microsoft, Vodafone Group and Disney.

World Employer Branding Day

A networking boat cruise through Prague is also part of the event.

The Agenda

The event is divided into three main sections:

  1. April 25: Pre-Event Workshop Day
  2. April 26: International Employer Branding Summit
  3. April 27: Prague discovery and networking

The pre-event workshop day, April 25, will consist out of exciting workshops given by employer brand leader from all over the world. During those workshops, we will learn about how to align an employer brand plan with an organizational strategy to optimize the experience for candidates, employees, on-demand talent and consumers but also how to build a branded candidate experience.

On Thursday, April 26, the actual international employer branding summit will take place in one of Prague’s most stunning locations: The National House of Vinohrady, which is located right in the heart of the city. It will be a whole day of interesting keynotes about a wide range of topics concerning employer branding such as ‘The Google Employer Brand Ecosystem’ by Liam Russell (UK), Staffing Business Partner at Google. As a perfect ending of this day, there will be a cocktail party over the roofs of Prague that not only provides us with networking opportunities but also with beautiful skyline views over Prague.

On the last day of the World Employer Brand Day, April 27, we will explore the city with our employer branding colleagues from around the world. But not by foot! We will cruise down the famous Vltava River on a 2-storey boat, taking in some of the most breathtaking sites in Prague, while exchanging thoughts and ideas with like-minded people.

Here are some of the highlights of the World Employer Branding Day of 2017 in Budapest:

The CompanyMatch Team is looking forward to this inspiring event full of advanced learning, networking and cultural experiences in April 2018! We will publish snapshots of the event on our Instagram account. 

Where else can you meet CompanyMatch in 2018? We recently published our entire agenda, which we will keep up-to-date throughout the whole year!



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