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CompanyMatch identifies, characterises and matches employers and job seekers based on corporate culture.


Make your employer brand interactive
Job seekers match with the corporate culture and core values of your organisation.

Get an insight into your match data
View all relevant and up to date match data of your employer brand, such as characteristics and motivations of recruitment target groups.

Recruit candidates who will fit in
Candidates with a good match are happier and perform better.

Free of charge
Activate CompanyMatch

Register your organisation free of charge at CompanyMatch. You will have your own basic company profile and will be able to let job seekers match directly with your organisation. Job seekers use CompanyMatch in their orientation on the labour market, in search of the best employers.

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Basic subscription

Candidates match with you, using your corporate identity and colouring scheme. You can integrate the branded CompanyMatch widget easily in your career site. Promote your employer brand in your company profile and view the match data of relevant recruitment target groups.

Matching Values ©

Take the next step in online recruitment. Expand your CompanyMatch scan and let candidates match with the specific core values of your organisation.

Match & Recruit ©

A high match with your employer brand? Convert candidates with a high match easily to relevant applicants. The candidate with a high match is directly rewarded with a personal message you set up and customizable conversion buttons.

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