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Most frequently asked questions Below are the most frequently asked questions about CompanyMatch. Is your question not listed? Then please contact us via the contact form on this page.

About CompanyMatch

For whom was CompanyMatch developed? CompanyMatch targets students, job starters and professionals currently looking for job opportunities and who want to find out which employer suits them best.
How does CompanyMatch work? Both the employer and the job seeker have their own profile based on the CompanyMatch scan. This is a unique questionnaire in which corporate culture and personal preferences are mapped. The CompanyMatch algorithm calculates the match between the employer and the job seeker based on all answers given. Each item such as ambition, leadership style and core values are evaluated carefully.
How does CompanyMatch make money? As a job seeker you can have unlimited free matches with all employers. CompanyMatch makes money by charging registered employers who choose a premium account. The premium account enables companies to customise their company profile, use the CompanyMatch widget within their own online channels and offers the possibility to integrate CompanyMatch in application forms.
Why CompanyMatch? We believe that you will be happier, perform better and achieve more when you work for an organisation that suits you best. Companies are eager to communicate their culture as being as attractive as possible. However it is difficult to determine upfront how well you fit in with a corporate culture. In most cases you will only discover this after meeting the recruiter. CompanyMatch supports you during the orientation phase by showing you suitable employers based on your individual profile. This is accomplished by matching your personal drivers with the corporate culture of the employer. On top of that you can make your application stand out by attaching your CompanyMatch.

My account

How can I update my CompanyMatch scan? Normally your personal preferences do not change that frequently. As we continue to improve our matching technology we will publish new versions of the questionnaire. You can update your CompanyMatch scan by logging into CompanyMatch and go to settings - CompanyMatch scan - adjust.
Please note you can only adjust your CompanyMatch scan a limited number of times.
Is my match visible to employers? Your match with employers is anonymous by default and therefore only visible to you. Employers on CompanyMatch have a statistics overview where they can access information about matches with their company. There are no individual candidates shown in these statistics. Only if you decide to send your CompanyMatch along with your application will the employer be able to access your personal CompanyMatch report.
How can I delete my profile? You can delete your user account on CompanyMatch by logging in to CompanyMatch. Then go to settings and click deactivate account.
How does CompanyMatch deal with my privacy? During your registration and during the use of CompanyMatch we collect information to match you with employers as precisely as possible. We place great importance on the privacy of your personal data. These are being processed carefully and safely. We respect and act in conformity with the rules of the Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (WBP) [Dutch law for privacy and data security]. For more information we refer to our privacy statement.
How do I log in with my LinkedIn or Xing account? In the past, CompanyMatch users could register and log in using a LinkedIn or Xing account. CompanyMatch has now stopped using this. To gain access to your existing CompanyMatch account, you can now log in with the same e-mail address that you used for your LinkedIn or Xing account and a new password to be set up. Click here to set a new password.

Apply with CompanyMatch

How can I apply with CompanyMatch? Each individual match with an employer gives you access to your personal CompanyMatch with this organisation. This is a unique link or PDF file with all matching details. You can add this link to your CV or motivational letter. Employers who have integrated CompanyMatch into their application process will give you this option automatically. You can then easily attach your CompanyMatch to the application form.
Which information is shared with the employer? The information you see on your individual CompanyMatch is exactly the same as what the recruiter will receive. You will be sharing your total match percentage and underlying theme scores but your your personal information is limited to your name and perhaps your LinkedIn or XING page.
Does CompanyMatch display vacancies? At the moment CompanyMatch does not show job openings of employers. The best way to find vacancies is to visit the employer's recruitment website.
What is a good match? The total match percentage is a good first indication for your fit with a company. Around 90% of the CompanyMatch users state that they share their match when it is 70% or higher.

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