Harmony Group Tư vấn Bỉ Nhà tuyển dụng hàng đầu Đã xác minh

Harmony Group Tư vấn Bỉ Nhà tuyển dụng hàng đầu Đã xác minh

Khám phá người phù hợp với bạn với Harmony

Phù hợp với văn hóa công ty là một phần quan trọng trong quá trình tuyển dụng của chúng tôi. Bởi vì mọi người sẽ hạnh phúc hơn, làm việc tốt hơn và đạt được nhiều hơn khi làm việc cho một công ty phù hợp với khát vọng và giá trị cá nhân của mình.

Văn hóa của chúng ta

At Harmony, our people are key. Transparency, commitment, creativity and entrepreneurship: these are the four pillars on which Harmony builds. Harmonians themselves are hands-on, driven and true team players. Sticking to these core values is truly a prerequisite for successful change management, no matter how diverse that may be.We are a growing company of 80 Harmonians. Our headquarters are located in Belgium (Hasselt) and the Netherlands (Valkenswaard and 's Hertogenbosch). Despite the fact that we reside often on premise with our customers, we do everything we can to stay connected with our fellow Harmonians. For example, we regularly organize original teambuilding activities, co-working and knowledge sharing sessions and after-work drinks.Furthermore, we support all employees in their career path by offering them a personal coach with whom they make up their own personal development plan. Here we guide our employees and help them make their dreams and ambitions come true.You can rely on us not only for the transformation of your organization, but also for the development of your career. Let us be the steppingstone to your future career. Together we will jump further!

Chúng tôi làm gì

Anyone who wants change is faced with a lot of resistance: ingrained habits, IT systems that are not very agile and, quite simply, human cold feet, a desire for certainty, a choice for the status quo... Hence the frog with the little crown that can be found in our logo. It refers to the story of the frog who allows himself to be kissed by the princess and thus turns into a beautiful prince. A strong metaphor for Harmony's Change Management that has been helping you to take the big leap and become that beautiful prince since 1994. The transformation to a digital organization takes place in several domains simultaneously. For a number of core domains, Harmony has state-of-the art software solutions. And for those specific domains and software, we provide integrated services: from consulting, to implementation of the solution to managed services. Harmony is active in almost all sectors. Originally, we earned our stripes with banks and insurance companies, but today the top 5 of our customers also includes a steel giant, an energy supplier and a healthcare insurer. Harmony feels at home everywhere. Our consultants always take knowledge and insights from one sector to another. Here, too, we strive for synergy!

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Hãy khám phá những cơ hội nghề nghiệp thú vị tại Harmony Group ngay hôm nay. // Not industry 'Other' or 'Non-profit' Hãy trở thành một phần của câu chuyện độc đáo mà Harmony đang định hình trong bối cảnh ngành Tư vấn

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