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Our culture

ASML is a relatively young company, which has developed into one of the world’s leading providers of lithography systems at unprecedented speed. In the space of almost 30 years we have grown from nothing into a multinational company with 70 locations in 16 countries and annual sales of 5.2 billion Euros in 2013. To retain and expand that leading position we employ thousands of engineers and scientists exploring the frontiers of (nano)technology every day. It requires people who also constantly explore their own limits and try to push them further: people who consciously opt for the steepest learning curve.

Publicly listed
Multilingual organization
Common language: English
Over 5.000 employees
Alumni association
Internship placements
On-boarding program
Chance of foreign travel
Fresh coffee
Healthy snacks
Free fruit
Durability policy
Sponsoring of charity
Company parties
Social activities
End-of-year bonus
Thirteenth month
Profit sharing
Personnel stock sharing
Overtime premium
Pension plan
Day care
Staff union
Works Council
No dress code
Work from home
Open office plan
Part-time work
Flexible work hours
Flexible workplace
Diversity policy
Anti bullying policy
Personal development plan
Good parking facilities
Accessible through public transport

What we do

ASML is a successful high-tech company headquartered in the Netherlands, which manufactures complex lithography machines that chip manufacturers use to produce integrated circuits. Every year, chips become faster, smaller, smarter and more energy-efficient, and breakthroughs in ASML’s research activities have played an important part in making it possible.
ASML works with an almost impossibly short time-to-market, driven by our customers’ competitive market conditions. It is precisely this technological race against the clock that makes working here so utterly fascinating. Cutting-edge precision engineering, dynamics, optics, electronics and information technology all come together in our company to develop systems which are more reliable, faster and more accurate than their predecessors in the shortest possible time. It is only our unusual development method, where a large number of development processes run in parallel that enables us to constantly meet the very ambitious demands set by the market and ourselves.

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