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My culture
Innovation culture
You prefer entrepreneurial employers, who emphasize creativity and innovation. This company values the achievement of high performance and a good reputation.
Core values
My core values
As with any organisation and their values, the values you choose say a lot about you as a person. They help describe in as few words as possible what you feel is most important. This gives the company a better idea of your preferences.
Internal relations
My preferences
You are looking for a challenging and innovative work environment where great ideas are more important than job titles. Employees at this company are reliable and like a clear set of rules.

Our culture

Diversity, a flat hierarchy and passion. That's what you can expect at CompanyMatch.me. No matter whether you are an intern or head of department, whether you wear sneakers or a tie: your ideas count.
Every employee has the opportunity to develop and express themselves freely. Every idea is equally valued and will be discussed together with the team. There is no thought control! On the contrary: we encourage creativity and self-responsibility. Working at CompanyMatch.me means reaching your goals while becoming part of a great team.

Not publicly listed
Common language: French
Common language: English
Less than 100 employees
Internship placements
Thesis placements
No dress code
Flexible work hours
Average age under 30
Accessible through public transport

What we do

At CompanyMatch.me the belief exists that employees perform best when they work for a company that matches their personal needs, interests and values. Therefore, we developed our own matching technology, which identifies and characterizes employers based on their corporate culture. This enables job seekers to match their personal expectations and preferences and helps them discover their true "click" with fascinating companies. We are a small group of highly motivated enthusiasts, working together towards the growth of CompanyMatch.me.

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