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Erasmus MC
My culture
Innovation culture
You prefer entrepreneurial employers, who emphasize creativity and innovation. This company values the achievement of high performance and a good reputation.
Core values
My core values
As with any organisation and their values, the values you choose say a lot about you as a person. They help describe in as few words as possible what you feel is most important. This gives the company a better idea of your preferences.
Internal relations
My preferences
You are looking for a challenging and innovative work environment where great ideas are more important than job titles. Employees at this company are reliable and like a clear set of rules.
Over 100 years old
Internship placements
Thesis placements
On-boarding program
Chance of foreign travel
Healthy snacks
CSR certified
Durability policy
Social activities
End-of-year bonus
Pension plan
Day care
Staff union
Works Council
Work clothing
Office: no dress code
Work from home
Part-time work
Flexible work hours
Flexible workplace
32-hour work week
36-hour work week
38-hour work week
40-hour work week
Diversity policy
Women in management and top positions
Fair gender distribution
Work places for employees with a disability
Personal development budget
Personal development plan
Accessible through public transport
Located in the inner city
Bicycle plan
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