The AIDA Model – How to write an effective Job Advert

Creating an effective job advertisement that attracts the right talent can be a challenge. In this context, the AIDA model, a proven marketing tool, offers valuable approaches. But how can this model be applied to job advertisements to effectively reach the desired target group?

Essentially, job advertisements serve as marketing for an open position and are intended to not only inform potential candidates but also to excite them. A successful advertisement is easy to understand and conveys all necessary information about the position and the company. In doing so, there are several important dos and don'ts to consider:


  • Too many details and lengthy descriptions of the position
  • One-sided focus on the job without considering the human aspect
  • Lack of information about what makes your company stand out as an employer
  • Excessive use of graphics and jargon

An effective job advertisement should offer:

  • A clear and precise job description with a distinct job title
  • Insight into the application process
  • Presentation of your company culture and what makes you a special employer
  • Information about the work environment and the team

The AIDA model, developed by Elmo Lewis in 1898, remains a timeless tool in marketing. It encompasses four key phases: attract attention, generate interest, create desire, and prompt action.

A – Attention: Your job advertisement must stand out from the crowd and immediately capture the attention of your target group. This can be achieved through appealing design and targeted placement on the right platforms.

I – Interest: After attention has been captured, the next goal is to foster interest in the position. A clear, understandable, and structured presentation of the position and the company is crucial here.

D – Desire: The advertisement should awaken the desire to work for your company by making the company culture, visions, and values transparent. Authentic insights into the company through employee voices or visual content enhance this effect.

A – Action: Finally, the advertisement should motivate candidates to apply. A simple and intuitive application experience is key for this. Avoid long paths to the application form and technical barriers.

By applying these principles, you can create job advertisements that not only inform but also inspire and motivate. A positive candidate experience starts with the first contact and continues throughout the entire application process. An optimized, mobile-friendly application process is essential to attract and retain the best talent.

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