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The days of simply offering a competitive salary and benefits package to attract top talent are behind us. Today's job seekers choose their next employer based on Company Culture, shared values and ambition. Showcase your Employer Brand and connect with the most talented matches. Join 1.000+ companies using CompanyMatch to find your next great hire.


Take the guesswork out of your hiring strategy with Recruitment Leads: our advanced feature that get’s you in touch with the right talent by focusing on Company Fit. By offering the best matched candidates the opportunity to join your talent pool, you can engage with top talent who will thrive in your Company Culture. Ultimately leading to hires with higher satisfaction and productivity. Start your free 30-day Premium trial or request a demo today to see how Recruitment Leads can revolutionize your hiring process.

What to expect from your free account?

1. Employer Brand profile

Stand out from the crowd and showcase your Employer Brand on the CompanyMatch platform alongside other top-tier brands. Share your story, values and benefit from your brand's increased exposure.

2. Company Culture matching

Invite talent to match with your Company Culture using CompanyMatch's intuitive matching algorithm. Stand out to the thousands of job seekers on the platform who are looking for a Company Culture just like yours, increasing your chances of finding the right fit for your organization.

3. Recruitment Leads
30 day free trial

Get a steady stream of high-quality leads for your recruitment funnel year round. Candidates who match with your organization will share their match report and contact details with you, making it easy to connect with them and move them through your hiring process.

I believe Company Culture is at the core of talent attraction and retention. The fundamentals of beliefs, values and how we go along together are in fact the basics for a good and sustainable working relationship.
Marco Dalmeijer Employer Branding Expert
CompanyMatch is used to create a more dynamic candidate experience. It allows us to make our Employer Brand tangible & interactive. Together with the features 'Target Group Matching' and 'Recruitment Leads' we are able to attract, match and hire new colleagues.
Manouk Backer Recruitment Marketing Amsterdam UMC
CompanyMatch is a great conversation starter with potential candidates and contributes to the alignment of our values. All applicants are asked to bring their CompanyMatch for their job interview and we will discuss it together.
Tom Jonkers Talent Management Argenta
CompanyMatch has contributed to our talent acquisition process for more than 6 years now. CompanyMatch is also in our top-3 sources which new hires used in their application process. With the 'Recruitment Leads' feature we can directly reach out to candidates who gave their consent to be contacted.
Charlotte Trommelen Employer Branding Specialist NN Group

Integrations and sharing

Introducing Engage - the revolutionary way to connect with top talent, activating your Employer Brand in the forefront of your recruiting process. Our match technology is seamlessly integrated into your career site and social media channels, allowing candidates to experience a personalized, one-on-one match with your company. All while staying immersed in your unique brand experience. Engage is available as plugin and public page, making implementation a breeze.

Unlock the power of our Matching Algorithm

Make your Company Culture matchable with our AI-powered algorithm. Job seekers around the world will quickly and intuitively match with your organization on key predictors of Company Fit such as Leadership Style, Ambition and Company Values. Our dedicated team is constantly working to improve the algorithm, gathering input from hundreds of thousands of users.

Take it to the next level with the Ambassador Survey, which uses feedback from your employees to get the most accurate blueprint of your Employer Brand.

Find your next hires with a click

CompanyMatch is a data-driven recruitment solution for employers who want to attract candidates in the Candidate Journey based on Company Fit. Make the most of the opportunities that CompanyMatch has to offer.


  • Employer Brand profile
  • Matchable to 300.000+ job seekers
  • Unlimited matching
  • Multiple languages
  • 30 days Premium trial (optional)

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  • Recruitment Leads
  • Career site integration
  • Featured employer
  • Branding
  • Match data & Statistics
  • Company Values
  • Ambassador Survey

  • Recruitment Leads (unlimited)
  • Target group matching
  • ATS connection
  • Dedicated customer success
  • Workshop with recruitment team

More from CompanyMatch

300.000+ job seekers

Students and professionals are using CompanyMatch to find their next employer.

1.000+ companies

All kinds of job seekers are using CompanyMatch to find their next dream employer.

500+ values

CompanyMatch mapped the most common values among global top employer and made them matchable in the culture match algorithm.

Millions of matches

All new and existing users of the CompanyMatch platform are matched with all registered companies on a daily base.

Most frequently asked questions

Experience the ease of CompanyMatch yourself and register your company for free. Are you interested in Premium or Enterprise and your questions are not listed here? Then please contact us.

Which languages are supported?

CompanyMatch is currently available in Dutch, English, French, German and Vietnamese.

What is the scientific basis?

Already in 2009 CompanyMatch started with an extensive analysis of information around the theme of Person Organisation Fit (PO-fit). This analysis included the scientific ideas of researchers and proven and widely applied models in HR. The data from hundreds of thousands of users now forms the basis of the continuous development of the CompanyMatch Scan.

How do you deal with cultural differences between departments?

CompanyMatch recognizes differences and nuances between departments within an organization. Using the Ambassador Survey, CompanyMatch automatically maps out these differences. This is done by collecting feedback on the company culture from a large group of employees within different departments of the company. This constructs the culture profile of the organization as well as the sub-cultures of the various departments.

Can employees contribute to the culture profile of our company?

The Ambassador Survey allows employees to give their input on the culture of your organization. CompanyMatch processes all responses and automatically maps out the accurate culture profile of your organization.

We still need to examine our Company Culture

CompanyMatch helps you to map out your Company Culture, and identify the values being lived withing the organization.

Our Company Culture is currently in transition

Organizations are always in transition and the culture changes according to those dynamics. It is therefore advisable to update the culture profile on CompanyMatch annually to ensure that it still reflects the Company Culture. When using the Ambassador Survey you can regularly ask a group of employees to (re)submit input so that the culture profile on CompanyMatch automatically moves with the transition in your company.

Do you offer discounts for start-ups and small businesses?

Start-ups up to two years old and with no more than 25 employees can use CompanyMatch Premium free of charge. Please contact us for more information.

Our company does not yet have its own career site

The culture matching of CompanyMatch can also be used for your organization without a career site. Job seekers discover your company on our platform and match themselves within your Employer Brand profile. Moreover, your company is matchable in our partner network.

Does CompanyMatch comply with the GDPR?

The privacy of our users is of great importance to us. We therefore adhere to the privacy laws and act in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). This means that personal data is safe with us and that we use it properly.

What are you waiting for? You could have been completing your profile by now. Sign-up for free and discover how CompanyMatch can work for you.