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Vermetten Tilburg (Ringbaan West) Financial services Netherlands Verified


You as well as Vermetten Tilburg (Ringbaan West) find social entrepreneurship important. Equality and justice are of great significance to you. You have an excellent match on this theme.

Personal ambition and the vision of the organisation come together in this theme. What is important in work and life? People who work for an organisation with an ambition they really believe in find more meaning in their work.


You have an excellent match with the brand typologies of Vermetten Tilburg (Ringbaan West)! The main brand typologies of Vermetten Tilburg (Ringbaan West) are Adventurer and Rebel.

Brand types make employer brands and people easier to understand. The 12 typologies used by CompanyMatch are formed by selections of values that together represent a characteristic identity. Both people and organisations have their own unique composition of these characterisations.


You have an excellent match with the values of Vermetten Tilburg (Ringbaan West)! Your values are very much in line with those of Vermetten Tilburg (Ringbaan West). Examples are Wise, Curious and Entrepreneurial spirit.

Most organizations define their values by describing what the company stands for in a number of key concepts. Important decisions are tested against these 'core values'. An organisation's values give customers and employees insight into the behaviour they can expect from the organisation.

Leadership style

Both you and Vermetten Tilburg (Ringbaan West) have a preference for leaders with a strong vision. You therefore match perfectly on leadership style! Your ideal managers dare to take risks and give you plenty of growth opportunities. They are also open to change.

Leadership style has a major influence on job satisfaction and productivity. Within teams, a good manager ensures commitment, trust and satisfaction. A leader therefore contributes greatly to the goals of the organisation. Only with the right management will people perform optimally and be given the opportunity to further develop themselves.

Growth strategy

You have an excellent match on this theme! Vermetten Tilburg (Ringbaan West) grows by focusing on innovation. You think it's important that the organisation where you work grows by focusing on groundbreaking ideas and innovations.

The organisation's growth strategy influences the development of employees. This determines the approach of the work. Focus points can be: cooperation, innovation, results and processes. People who fit well with the organisation in terms of growth strategy see a good perspective for the future of their career.

Internal relations

You have an excellent match with Vermetten Tilburg (Ringbaan West)! You feel at home in a working environment that is characterised by cooperation and honest feedback. The employees attach great value to mutual relationships and trust.

Within a team, dealing with each other determines the feeling of involvement. The theme 'Internal relations' is about cooperation, collegiality and mentality. Agreement on these aspects contributes to a good working atmosphere and has a positive influence on job satisfaction.

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