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Defining Culture Fit. Predicting Hire Success.

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Better matching is Better hiring

Visitors to your website intuitively match the culture and values of your organisation.

Nienke Luidinga

"Besides the fact that future colleagues must have the right professional and innovative knowledge, it is very important to me that someone fits in with what the organisation considers important. You want to avoid a mismatch. A candidate who leaves too soon because he or she does not fit in well with your organisation will only be a lost investment."

- Nienke Luidinga

Pre-Hire Matching

CompanyMatch is a data driven recruitment solution for employers who want to attract the right candidates based on Culture Fit already in the Candidate Journey. New employees with a good match have more potential to become ambassadors of your organisation.

  • Orientation
  • Application decision
  • Job interview
  • Offer
  • First day of work
  • Onboarding

Successful recruitment with Culture Fit

CompanyMatch addresses the missing link in a successful orientation and recruitment process: Culture Fit. Colleagues with a good match are happier, perform better, feel more connected to your company ambitions and are less likely to leave your organisation.

Personal acquaintance at a distance

Remote Talent Acquisition and social distancing present many challenges and require a different approach to the recruitment process. With CompanyMatch you are better able to filter larger numbers of candidates and at the same time make your recruitment process an experience. And all that from a distance.

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Recruit ambassadors for your organisation

Candidates who have used CompanyMatch during the orientation process have a better understanding of the company's culture and can be hired faster. They have the potential to grow into ambassadors of your organisation.

Save time and recruitment costs

Talent that really fits your company is permanently deployable and makes a long-term contribution to the growth and success of your organisation. Don't forget that every mismatch you prevent saves you over €45,000.

45,000 euro savings

4. Convert the best-matched applicants

The match with your company culture and core values increases conversion and activation to vacancies. For 85% of the candidates, company culture is the most important factor when making the choice to apply.

Convert the best-matched applicants
Make your employer brand tangible

5. Make your employer brand tangible

Your organisation is growing and changing continuously. You are looking for a 'new normal'. CompanyMatch helps by mapping out your company culture based on data and the experiences of your employees. This blueprint is the basis for the matching process and works through to a successful onboarding.

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85% of all jobseekers are not interested in your jobs if the match with your company culture is not good

Bjorn Luijters

"In my experience, culture fit is just as important as knowledge and experience, and it will be no different for the applicant. For this reason I have embraced CompanyMatch and applied it in my recruitment strategies. CompanyMatch is part of the process from orientation to application and contributes positively to the candidate journey with the aim of achieving a better match between applicant and employer."

- Bjorn Luijters

Predictive match algorithm

Ambassador Survey: Inside-out approach

Ambassador Survey: Inside-out approach

The Ambassador Survey of CompanyMatch allows you as an employer, together with your own employees, to quickly and reliably map out the culture profile of your organisation. An accurate and up-to-date blueprint of your organization is created on the basis of feedback from employees.

CompanyMatch embraces diversity and different characters in teams. The culture profile is formed by the values, drivers and ambitions that connect people in the organisation.

Personal match report

The CompanyMatch algorithm has been developed and validated on the most important themes and predictors of Culture Fit, such as Interaction, Ambition, Management Style and Core Values.

The algorithm is continuously fed with the match data of employees and the hundreds of thousands of jobseekers who use CompanyMatch.

Research & validation

Personal match report

Make your careersite interactive

With the CompanyMatch Engage plugin you can easily integrate the match technology into your careersite. Entirely in your own house style and with your own message.

Visitors to your website match directly with the culture and values of your organisation. Candidates with a high match score will see a personal message with the match result and can easily make contact with your recruitment team.

  • Copy-paste: easy to use embedding code
  • Visitors are matched within 5 minutes
  • No click-outs: visitors stay on your website
Quality-orientedFantasyPracticalProgressiveOpennessFreedomCarefreeWarmlyRealisticCreativityFuture-orientedChallengeCustomer orientedEnthusiasm

Core values

Match candidates to the specific core values of your organisation. This results in an improved recruitment experience and a higher score for candidates who fit well with your organisation's core values.

  • Bring your core values to life
  • Candidates get to know your core values already during orientation
Quality-orientedFantasyPracticalProgressiveOpennessFreedomCarefreeWarmlyRealisticCreativityFuture-orientedChallengeCustomer orientedEnthusiasmSocialTransformationFaithfulnessAdventureCheekyCompetentIntegrityConsiderateHigh-qualityDaringTransparentWarmCloseSpontaneousVigorProactiveProtectionEqual

Target group matching

With target group matching, jobseekers are automatically matched on the basis of corresponding job areas within your organisation.

Candidates not only discover the click with the company culture, but also experience the match with future colleagues in the same job field.

  • Activate your most important recruitment target groups
  • Understanding cultural differences within the organisation

Culture Fit in Recruitment

Be inspired by the latest recruitment trends in the areas of Remote Working, Culture Fit and Predicting Hiring Success.

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Getting started with CompanyMatch

Unlimited matching and a complete solution designed in the corporate style of your organisation. Make optimal use of the possibilities CompanyMatch has to offer.

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About CompanyMatch

About CompanyMatch

We help people find the company culture they’ll love

CompanyMatch's Pre-Hire Match technology quantifies the 'why' of Successful Hiring and helps hundreds of recruiters across Europe to entice, persuade and connect with candidates in the Candidate Journey based on Culture Fit.

CompanyMatch is active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is used by hundreds of employers, recruitment partners and hundreds of thousands of jobseekers across Europe.

Bjorn Veenstra
Founder CompanyMatch

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