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Talent Attraction
Talent Attraction
Candidate Conversion
Candidate Conversion
Quality of Hire
Quality of Hire
The goal is not to hire people who simply have a skill set you need, the goal is to hire people who believe what you believe

Simon Sinek

Assess candidates in their candidate journey based on Culture Fit and turn them into your best hires.

CompanyMatch Scan

Pre-hire Matching

No more mismatches. With the use of CompanyMatch job seekers & applicants quickly and intuitively match themselves with your organisational and team culture. Candidates with a good person-organisation fit are happier, more productive and feel more aligned with your goals.

The data driven pre-hire recruitment technology of CompanyMatch is validated and continuously improved, making use of the data acquired from hundreds of thousands job seekers & applicants and over 800 (international) employers.

CompanyMatch Scan
CompanyMatch Scan
CompanyMatch Scan

CompanyMatch report

Each unique CompanyMatch-report consists of a detailed description between candidate and employer, based on the most important organisational culture aspects, such as cooperation, leadership style, company values, ambition and growth strategy.

CompanyMatch is easily integrated into your specific recruitment funnel, mandatory or voluntary. The CompanyMatch-report can be used as an online conversation starter to activate anonymous talent and invite them to interact and match with your Employer Brand. Or it is your starting point for a good conversation during a job interview. Or use it as a filter to bring more efficiency into your remote talent acquisition process. In all cases the CompanyMatch results will immediately help you to make better hiring decisions.

CompanyMatch Engage®

CompanyMatch Engage is a quick and easy solution to integrate the matching technology into your career website. With CompanyMatch Engage you convert anonymous online job seekers to matched engaged candidates.

Candidates have the opportunity to discover their individual and anonymous match with your employer brand without leaving your domain. Companies with a Premium subscription are able to customize CompanyMatch Engage in their corporate branding specifications or simply use the stylish default CompanyMatch design.

CompanyMatch EngageCompanyMatch Scan
It is important for us to find new colleagues that not only add knowledge and experience to the team but also contribute through their personality and values. By integrating CompanyMatch into our recruitment process, we are now able to match all candidates with our unique corporate culture.

Anja Bank, Employer Branding at Vodafone

Hire for Culture Fit

We believe that you are happier, perform better and achieve more when you work for an organisation that suits you well. Want to know more? Download our ePaper Company Fit in Recruitment.

CompanyMatch Apply®

CompanyMatch Apply pairs very well with CompanyMatch Engage. By integrating CompanyMatch Apply in your application form, matched candidates are able to attach their personal CompanyMatch. CompanyMatch Apply is an easy-to-use plug-in, which only requires two additional text fields. One to store the match percentage and one to access the complete report. As a result the recruiter gains deeper insights into the applicant’s values, motivators and cultural preferences.

The results are made visible in your Applicant Tracking System. CompanyMatch is easy to link to your ATS.

CompanyMatch Apply
My experience has taught me that the cultural fit is just as important as work experience and knowledge and that should not be different for candidates. That is why CompanyMatch is fully integrated into our recruitment processes, from orientation phase up to the application.

Bjorn Luijters, Group Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing Manager

The choice of more than 800 employers

CompanyMatch is the solution for every Employer Brand that wants to attract talent based on Culture Fit.

And much more...

Matching Values®

Expand the CompanyMatch Scan with up to 6 additional questions to allow candidates to match with the core values of your organisation. It guarantees even more accurate match results with candidates.

Match & Recruit®

Candidates with a high match percentage receive a personalised call to action message in the final screen of the matching process. Create a customized message along with any click-through options.

Match data & statistics

Your personalised CompanyMatch dashboard provides you with valuable insights and statistics. We collect unique match data across different sources such as the career site.

Company profile

Promote your employer brand with your company profile on CompanyMatch. Provide users with more details about your company’s culture, values and core business and link them to your career site.

CompanyMatch Premium

Choose CompanyMatch Premium and take full advantage of all the functions CompanyMatch has to offer. Prices are based on a 12-month contract (per country) as well as on the total number of employees (fixed and flexible).

More information about CompanyMatch Premium? Download our brochure.

Number of employees Per month
To 250 € 475
To 500 € 725
To 5.000 € 1.250
To 10.000 € 1.850
More than 10,000 On request

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