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Matching on company culture

Find talent that really fits your organisation

Become visible & matchable to more than 300.000 candidates

Better matching is Better hiring

CompanyMatch helps to find and entice the most suitable candidates to grow your organisation. Employees with a good match are happier, perform better and stay with your organisation longer.

With CompanyMatch, job seekers test themselves super-fast and intuitively on the most important predictors of Company Fit. Such as Interaction, Management Style, Ambition and Core Values.

The result of the test is immediately available to the candidate, in the form of a shareable match report that explains and substantiates all the topics.

Continue reading on the scientific foundation and validation of the CompanyMatch algorithm.

Candidates do not apply until they are convinced of the click with your organisation

For 85% of the candidates, company culture is the most important factor when making the decision to apply and a prerequisite for looking into your vacancies.

Anja Bank

It is very important to find new colleagues who fit not only because of knowledge and experience, but also because of personality and values.

Bjorn Luijters

CompanyMatch is part of our process from orientation to application and contributes positively to the candidate journey.

Tom Jonkers

CompanyMatch makes the Employer Brand of %s interactive. Talent is invited in an accessible way to match with our values.
Wit-Gele Kruis
The Company Fit is the basis for our dialogue and we clearly notice that CompanyMatch makes this dialogue easier.
A good PO fit is of great importance to us. The better the acquaintance, the better the final fit.

Nienke Luidinga

You want to prevent a mismatch. A candidate who quickly leaves the organisation because he or she is not a good fit will only result in losses.

CompanyMatch is successfully used by more than 800 employers

PremiumMatching from your career site

With the CompanyMatch Engage plugin you can easily integrate the match technology into your career site. Entirely in your own house style and with your own message.

Visitors match directly with the culture and values of your organisation. Candidates with a high match score are shown a personal message with the match result and can easily make contact with your recruitment team.

  • Copy-paste: easy to use embedding code
  • Visitors are matched within 5 minutes
  • No click-outs: visitors stay on your website
Company Fit in Recruitment

Company Fit in Recruitment

Be inspired by the latest recruitment trends in the field of remote working, Company Fit and predicting Hiring Success.

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Features to like

CompanyMatch has years of experience in activating employer brands and matching with company culture. The solution is easily deployable for any organization that wants to give PO-fit a role in the orientation process of the candidate.

Organisations that want to go a step further in attracting talent on the basis of Company Fit, we offer a number of powerful features. These are mostly developed in cooperation with our customers.

PremiumCandidate messaging

Candidates with a high match receive a message and conversion buttons that you set yourself. What do you opt for? A chat with a recruiter, an overview of your current vacancies or registering for your talent pool?

PremiumCore values

Match candidates to the specific core values of your organisation. This results in an improved recruitment experience and a higher score for candidates who fit well with your organisation's core values.

PremiumAmbassador Survey

As an employer, you can use the Ambassador Survey, together with your own staff, to quickly and reliably map out the culture profile of your organisation. On the basis of the feedback, an accurate and up-to-date blueprint of your organisation and departments will be created.

EnterpriseTarget group matching

With target group matching, jobseekers are automatically matched on the basis of corresponding job areas within your organisation. Candidates not only discover the click with the company culture, but also experience the match with future colleagues in the same function area.

Getting started with CompanyMatch

Make the most of the opportunities that CompanyMatch has to offer.


Free of charge

  • Culture profile
  • Unlimited matchability
  • Your own company profile
  • Visible for job seekers
  • Connection in partner network
  • Multiple languages

  • Getting started
  • Upgrade later (optional)


100 p/m

All basic features +

  • Branding
  • Core values
  • Career site integration
  • Highlighted in top 25
  • Ambassador Survey
  • Candidate messaging
  • Performance dashboard

  • Support
  • Duration: 6, 12, 24 or 36 months


Price on request

All Premium features +

  • Onboarding
  • Target group matching
  • Recruitment team workshop
  • Application form integration

  • Client Success
  • Duration: 6, 12, 24 or 36 months

We help people find the company culture they’ll love

CompanyMatch is a data-driven recruitment solution for employers who want to attract candidates based on Company Fit already in the Candidate Journey.

800+ employers
300.000+ users
10.000+ matches per week

Most frequently asked questions

Experience the ease of CompanyMatch yourself and register your company for free. Are you interested in Premium or Enterprise and your questions are not listed here? Then please contact us.

Which languages are supported?

CompanyMatch is currently available in the Duits, Engels, Frans en Nederlands.

What is the scientific basis?

Already in 2009 CompanyMatch started with an extensive analysis of information around the theme of Person Organisation Fit (PO-fit). This analysis included the scientific ideas of researchers and proven and widely applied models in HR. The data from hundreds of thousands of users now forms the basis of the continuous development of the CompanyMatch Scan.

Read more about the research and validation of the CompanyMatch Scan.

How do you deal with cultural differences between departments?

CompanyMatch recognises differences and nuances between departments. With the Ambassador Survey CompanyMatch automatically maps these by giving feedback on the company culture to a large group of employees from all parts of the company. This creates the culture profile of the organization and the various departments.

Can employees contribute to the culture profile of our company?

The Ambassador Survey allows employees to give their feedback on the culture of your organisation. CompanyMatch processes all responses and automatically determines the accurate culture profile of your organization.

We still need to examine our culture

CompanyMatch helps you to map out your company culture, even if you have not done any research on it before.

Our culture is currently in transition

Organisations are always changing and the culture changes with those dynamics. It is therefore advisable to update the culture profile on CompanyMatch annually to ensure that it still reflects the company culture. When using the Ambassador Survey you can regularly ask a group of employees to (re)give feedback so that the culture profile on CompanyMatch automatically moves with the transition in your company.

Do you offer discounts for start-ups and small businesses?

Start-ups up to two years old and with no more than 25 employees can use CompanyMatch Premium free of charge. Please contact us for more information.

Our company does not yet have its own career site

You can also use the cultural matching of CompanyMatch for your organisation without an own careersite. Job seekers discover your company on our platform and match in your company profile. Moreover, your company is matchable in our partner network.

Does CompanyMatch comply with the AVG / GDPR?

The privacy of our users is of great importance to us. We therefore adhere to the privacy laws and act in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). This means that personal data is safe with us and that we use it properly.

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