Werken bij quintly Internet & IT Duitsland Geverifieerd

Werken bij quintly Internet & IT Duitsland Geverifieerd

Ontdek jouw match met quintly

De match met de bedrijfscultuur is een belangrijk onderdeel van ons wervingsproces. Mensen zijn gelukkiger, presteren beter en bereiken meer wanneer ze werken voor een bedrijf dat overeenkomt met hun eigen ambitie en waarden.

Onze cultuur

For us at quintly, our company culture is a major focus when it comes to recruiting as well as any other kind of communication within and outside of the company. We created our eleven cultural values based on the results of a survey with the whole team. The questions addressed every team member's feelings and impressions about our daily working culture. With this organic origin we strive to further enhance our team with passionate individuals that strongly agree with our value set and will enjoy working in such an atmosphere. Therefore in every job interview we let candidates know that at quintly... ... we are authentic. ... we meet each other at eye level. ... we are open for any sort of change. ... passion drives us in our daily challenges. ... we plan our schedules based on a fair balance between work and life. ... we want to improve ourselves and each other in order to become best-in-class together. Also internationality characterizes us. English is our working language, hence we welcome employees from all over the world. Our team currently consists of 14 nationalities working from Germany, the US and Brazil and serving users from over 180 countries.

Werken bij quintly

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