Sqills Products B.V. Internet und IT Niederlande Verifiziert

Sqills Products B.V. Internet und IT Niederlande Verifiziert

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Die Passung zur Unternehmenskultur ist ein wichtiger Teil unseres Einstellungsprozesses. Denn Menschen sind glücklicher, leisten bessere Arbeit und erreichen mehr, wenn sie für ein Unternehmen arbeiten, das mit ihren eigenen Ambitionen und Werten übereinstimmt.

Unsere Kultur

At Sqills our culture is the foundation of our success. Sqills started as a passion project, and it’s still one today. A project we enjoy working on together. At Sqills it is important we know why we do things the way we do, so everybody can understand our values. What are some core components of our culture? I've never done it before.... There are plenty of proverbs, but we prefer to call it "being down to earth". If you have an idea that you believe would make things better: just go for it. Because a good idea is worth nothing if you can't implement it. That is why we will remain flexible and believe in just trying things out instead of continuously writing cases about it. After all, we got as far as we did by just doing. And of course, not everything works out the first time around, but we learn from these experiences together. Open and honest with each other We are open and honest with each other, that is part of our strength. If we don't agree on something, we make sure that we discuss it together. Being honest, direct, and open is extremely important to us - but also to our customers. Because if we expect that from each other, which means our customers can expect that from us too. Staying flexible At Sqills we are constantly moving forward, we are set up to be flexible. This is to facilitate our constant growth, and because it allows us to respond much faster to a constantly changing industry. This is reflected in our tooling and the way we work. Does a module work better in Kotlin than in Java? Just use Kotlin from now on. Also, when a certain programming language works better for specific applications, we add it to our stack. And if we think we should outsource our pen testing to the community? Why not do so? Exceeding expectations Always going the extra mile for our customers. That is why we did not choose our own tagline: it was given to us by our customers. Because we constantly strive to exceed their expectations. And exceeding expectations means showing that little bit of extra effort to surprise a customer. That is why Sqills only employs people who are passionate about their profession and full of ambition to make the most out of our experience. That's why we are well on our way to becoming the global market leader in our industry.

Was wir machen

Have you ever booked a bus or train ticket and been amazed at how simple the process was? How easy it was to rebook your ticket if you were unable to travel. If you book with SNCF, Eurostar, RDG, Irish Rail or one of our other customers, our software and developers made that possible. You probably didn’t know the company in Enschede plays an important role in the international rail and bus industry. We want to revolutionise the rail and bus sector and modernise solutions for both operators and passengers.